HDMI and USB tester EVA

A tool for detecting broken HDMI input and output ports and USB ports.
Product SKU 2068
Sales price 4 000,00 ₽

This device is designed for express testing of the operability of HDMI input and output ports and USB ports on any equipment with such ports - TV, receiver, laptop, gadget, etc. - without disassembling them.
Before testing, do not forget to remove the power from the motherboard of the device under test!
Warning! An attempt to read the firmware from the processor may cause an incorrectly working device.

MENU structure


Auto mode. The device only works with HDMI cable v2.0 or higher. If the cable is not of high quality, the device will not work in automatic mode.
Diagnostics of USB ports is carried out only in automatic mode.

HDMI TEST In this mode, the device works with any HDMI cable.
EXIT Exit the settings.
LOGOTYPE Allows you to enable or disable the display of the logo when the device is turned on
CONTRAST Allows you to change the contrast of the display. The default is 20%.
POWER Allows you to set the time for automatic shutdown. The default is 60 seconds.
V-min Allows you to set the voltage below which the device will automatically shut down. The default is 3.2V
CALIBRATION After fully charging, you need to open the device and measure the voltage at the battery terminals. Then set the value of the measured voltage on the display in the menu. You do not need to carry out this procedure, as it is only needed to display the true value of the battery voltage on the display.
BATTERY Shows the true value of the battery voltage, taking into account the calibration, in percent and absolute.
TIMER Timer visualization.
VERSION Device version. Manufacturer's nickname.
OFF Disconnecting the device.