The programmer is covered by a one-year warranty. The programmer is designed to work with original sockets. The manufacturer cannot guarantee the operation of both the programmer itself and its software with non-original sockets. All work in ISP mode is carried out by the user at his own risk. The warranty does not cover any damage caused by operation in ISP mode, high voltage, use of non-original sockets, liquid ingress and mechanical impact.

Repair of the programmer about damage to the processor after a high voltage hit is possible only by replacing the board. The transfer of licenses when replacing the board is possible only if the user sends the burnt board for recycling. It should be remembered that repairs are possible only if replacement boards are available.

The programmer has 3 years of free software support from the date of production, plus an additional 6 months for delivery and sale. Black (black) version of the programmer has lifetime support. All information about the current status of programmer support can be obtained by clicking the "License Info" button on the UFPI tab.

At the end of the free support period, you can use all the old versions and modules as much as you like and without any restrictions, but new versions of the software will not work after the end of your support period. In other words, after the end of your support period, you simply will not be able to use software updates. If necessary, you can always extend the support period by purchasing it for the period you need. Renewal of support occurs in the same way as activation of the module - you buy the support period you need from the specified date and upload the file using the "Interface, extend support period" menu. The support period data is written to the programmer once and no further action is required. Prices and support periods are indicated on the website.