UFPI (Universal Flash Programming Interface) this is USB-powered device based on modern secured dual-core 200Mhz CPU with High-Speed USB Phy (480 mbps). The main purpose of this interface and software is the Flash or EEPROM memory programming and work with main serial protocols such as JTAG, SPI, I2C, NAND, eMMC, SD, 1W and so on. The main goals are the maximum speed, simplicity of the interface and the maximum number of possibilities for the user. Scripts with C-like syntax and direct access to the software, OS and UFPI box hardware functions allows user to create (if necessary) their own fully functional script applets without using the IDE, compilers and other programming hardware. The ability to use external configuration files for the IC’s allows to use any necessary parameters, commands and frequency as well as create any necessary configuration even for “unsupported” chips.

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HDMI and USB tester EVA

A tool for detecting broken HDMI input ports and USB ports.

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